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CWF referee Joey Hogan joins Scott this week for an interview with the winner of the 2015 Golden Ticket match, Marcellus “The Mid Atlantic” King. Marcellus discusses his background, his relationship with Rick Converse, his attitude upon returning to CWF Mid Atlantic, and more.

Also, former Rising Generations League champion Charlie Weston talks with Scott and Joey about his surprising babyface turn, his matches with Trevor Lee and Chad Sterling, and the one terrible match where he met Scott.

Also, a relatively punchy Red Jones joins in at some point, and he’s a little pouty because Scott gave Joey a shot at chair 2. We’re not going to even bother TELLING Matt Houston.

Up next: our 100th episode! Listen herein to find out who our special interview will be!

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Before he and Jason Miller won the CWF Mid Atlantic Tag Team championships in October, Scott and Brad Stutts sat down with the mercurial “Lost Cause,’ Nick Richards, for an in-depth profile. In this rare long-form interview, Scott probes the Richards psyche, asking about his upbringing, his relationship with pro wrestling, and the rationale behind leaving his “Fatback Enterprises” gang behind.

Scott and Brad probe the inner workings of the Richards mind. The results may surprise you. What does this tell us about Nick’s tag team partner going into Battlecade 2014? Nick has a few days left to select a partner. What will he do, and why will he do it? We hope this profile provides some insights. Check it out, and go to our Facebook page to tell us what you think Nick will do. Enjoy!

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There is a NEW NCWA Heavyweight Champion and his name is Buff Bagwell. Brad Stutts joins Scott to discuss the epic Strive to Survive card, complete with the surprise addition of Tatanka. They discuss the impact of Bagwell’s “Piledriver Heard Round The World” on Flash, the ECW insurgency of Justin Credible, CW Anderson, and Shane Douglass, and Sonny Onoo’s appearance with Sonjay Dutt.

Then, the conversation turns to Saturday’s CWF Mid Atlantic Rumble. They talk about Chet Sterling’s title shot against Roy Wilkins, the Rumble match, and Brad’s own looming confrontation with Lee Valiant.

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2012-11-11 20.02.55
Scott and Matt are back to discuss Brock Lesnar’s victory at Summerslam over John Cena, the Bella Twins, Paige (and Scott’s one-sided love affair with her,) Dolph Ziggler’s second Intercontinental championship reign, and more. Scott attempts to talk himself into the Brock era, while Houston mainly mumbles his general discontent with the national product.

Our heroes then return to talk about Deal With The Steel. Kevin Phoenix is the new AIWF Mid Atlantic Champion, and the McBride Family is intact. Justin Flash has his the Piggy Bank, and his eyes on Justin Overstreet, the incumbent AIWF World Champion. Louis Moore has effectively wiped out The Gentlemen’s Club; what does Scott think of Houston’s tag team partner (and his frequent abuser) Moore?

Scott also talks up the NCWA’s return to Clayton September 27 for Strive to Survive.

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Next week, Scott and Houston discuss Strive to Survive and interview someone, probably.

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Scott and Red Jones chat with former PWI Ultra-J champion Andrew Everett prior to his ACL surgery, and Matt Houston comes back to the podcast. Be sure to follow Drew on twitter @_AndrewEverett, where 99 percent of his social media activity comes from. Scott is @scotteiland, and Houston doesn’t tweet because he would rather Mark Zuckerberg have an even BIGGER yacht. (note: “Like” our Facebook page.

In today’s Manaconda Minute, Houston summarizes why he doesn’t like the WWE and prefers to live in the past…er, I mean he liked WCW and the NWA better. Listen to find out why!

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Former WWE Heavyweight Champion (and NCWA Commissioner) Ivan Koloff sat down one-on-one with NCWA Media Director Scott Eiland to announce two matches for the NCWA Strive To Survive Event on September 27 in Clayton, NC. Have a listen!

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Scott and Brad Stutts discuss the latest CWF Mid Atlantic happenings. Then Scott and Red Jones talk to Manny Garcia (@eljefegarcia on Twitter.) Manny, the CWF Mid Atlantic Television Champion, berates Scott for about 20 minutes. Enjoy!

Scott then pops in to briefly discuss Roy Wilkins’ controversial win over Arik Royal July 11 for the CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Championship.

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nick richards and jason miller

Nick Richards nearly pulled off a monumental upset on June 27 at Battle of the Bus II, coming within a hair’s breadth of defeating Arik Royal for the CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Championship before finally falling to the legendary titleholder. He and his partner Jason Miller joins Scott and Red Jones to discuss his shocking decision to abandon Fatback Enterprises in mid-2013 and pursuing a new path as a crazed lone wolf. Scott asks Jason Miller about his neck injury and why he decided to join Richards in his plot to wreak as much havoc as possible, and much more in 17 charged minutes.

Scott then shares a special Independence Day message.

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(Photo courtesy of Jovi Sixx photography. Used with permission. Do not use without attribution, or you shall risk scorn and dismemberment.)

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Author and pro wrestling referee KG Stutts joins Scott to talk about how she became a pro wrestling referee, her mercurial rise from “unknown” to “published,” and what aspiring writers should do to improve. Follow KG on twitter @KGStutts.

But first, Scott and Red Jones talk to Corey Edsel, Michael McCallister, and Mecha Mercenary, AKA the Dangerous E-lliance.

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Check it out, check-it-outers!

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Scott and Red Jones talk to Ring of Honor superstar Cedric Alexander this week. Cedric discusses his development, his upcoming match with Roderick Strong, and the close relationship he maintains with CWF Mid Atlantic wrestling. Cedric wrestled future guest Manny Garcia Saturday night, and he comments on Garcia’s rise in the CWF Mid Atlantic ranks. He also discusses the future, tag teaming with Caprice Coleman (and how others compare) and much more.

Scott then comes back and discusses Father’s Day.

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