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Scott visited the CWF Mid Atlantic Sportatorium this week and discussed qrestling, training, and moonshine with the Killbillies. “Barefoot” Bobby O’Neal joined Arik Andrews and Evan Banks for six-man tag action with their old trainer Shawn Christian and the new tag team of Smith and Weston, and the antics of the region’s most popular tag team drew Scott’s interest. Manager/Commentator Nick D stopped in to recite some Shakespeare, and Scott and Houston blathered on like usual. Have a listen!

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Scott is a little giddy this week, as the Manaconda has returned from a hospital stay necessitated by an abdominal disorder that frankly frightened the living bejesus out of him, Matt’s family, friends, and Rob McBride (who gets this week’s special producer credit for posting the above photo, where Matt attempted an Arabian Press against doctor’s orders. To say this created some drama at Manaconda Manor would be understating things).

After pleasantries and a rant from Scott we haven’t seen since last Thanksgiving, Scott and Matt discuss their five favorite supercards. They did a draft, so they included TEN supercard series AND an honorable mention each. Fans of WrestleRock and SuperClash will be elated.

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Today’s quote: “That made my nipples hard.”
“I don’t want to hear about your nipples.”

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Scott talks to CWF Mid Atlantic showrunner (and This Week In Wrestling regular guest) Brad Stutts to discuss the results of the CWF Rumble. He and Matt Houston then talk to the Rumble’s winner, Zane Dawson. Scott eventually gets ejected from the building during the interview. We apologize for Mr Houston’s and Mr. Dawson’s behavior, as it was unprofessional. Also, Scott was locked putside, which is pretty funny.

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Serial Thrillers
Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion “The Hurricane” Shane Helms joins Scott and Matt to talk about his upcoming OMEGA Championship Wrestling tournament match against “King” Shane Williams, the future of OMEGA, CW Anderson’s superkick, and much more in an often-hilarious half hour conversation. Matt also discusses the sort-of-controversy (call it a kerfuffle) that he started with a statement he made on social media, and he and Scott discuss whether there are too many wrestling promoters in North Carolina.

Don’t miss OMEGA’s return to Chapel Hill, North Carolina for Chapel Thrill October 12. Details here.

Later, Scott and Brad Stutts talk with WWE Encyclopedia author Brad Shields about a series of events discussing the history of World Wrestling Entertainment. He also discusses his work with Acclaim Entertainment and the WWE itself.

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Time Stamps:

Matt Houston and social media (0:00-13:50)
Shane Helms, Matt Houston, and Scott (13:57-40:23)
Scott, Brad, Brian Shields (40:23-58:01)
Scott and Matt wrap up (58:01-end)

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After his stunning face turn at Deal With The Steel, Scott and Matt call “Delicious” Drake Tungsten and talk about why he came to the aid of Rob McBride. They talk about his long feud with Jimmy Jannetty and T.R. Superstar, and more. Then Brad Stutts joins Scott and Matt to talk about the Top Tag Team Rivalries of all time.

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2012-11-11 20.02.55

Scott and Matt talk about wrestling’s historically best valets. Where does Miss Elizabeth rank? What about “The Perfect 10” Baby Doll? Does Harvey Whippleman count? Find out!

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(i swear to you, I’m not armless. Time for a new sport coat)

Justin Flash is this week’s special guest. He discusses his torturous schedule, his renewed pursuit of the AIWF World Championship, and his relationships with Kyle Matthews, Matt Houston, and ASAP, as well as how his body has changed since he last held the championship.

Then, Scott and Matt Houston break down their top five 1980’s “jobbers” or enhancement talent. Interspersed with their usual rambling conversation, they discussed how in the 1980s, jobbers became de facto stars. Scott’s WWF-based list contrasts well with Matt’s Jim Crockett Promotions-dominated list. Many, many wrestlers are discussed here, and Scott interspersed today’s stars, particularly the new Dolph Ziggler-Jack Swaggart rivalry, into the discussion.

Matt also uncorks another epic Manaconda Minute. We also discuss the following YouTube matches:

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ric converse

Former six-time CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Champion “The 1st” Ric Converse (@ricconverse_1st on Twitter) joins Scott and Matt for this week’s episode discussing the strange implosion of his “Aftermath” stable, the attack on William L. Cross by Trevor Lee, Chet Sterling, and Ben Tyler, and his upcoming Triple Threat match against Arik Royal and “The Dog-faced Gremlin” Rick Steiner on March 23 in Thomasville. Ric discusses his in-ring philosophy, how he’s been able to maintain longevity with one company for so long, and his relationship with trainer Ken Spence. Matt Houston then provides Scott with Ric’s “Five Names,” and Ric’s compelling reactions are podcast gold.

In the National News segment, Scott sadly discusses the breakup and rebooting of the AIWF that gave him his start, including a surprisingly somber Matt Houston. Scott discusses the parts of the abrupt departure of the former AIWF World Champion that bothered him and the part that didn’t, attempting to draw a distinction between what happened and how it happened. Continue reading »

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From the Mount Airy National Guard Armory in Mount Airy, NC:

Justin Flash defeated ASAP after a reverse tornado DDT.

The Gorilla Squad beat Steven Hayes, Phil Stamper, and Steven Niles.

Roland Dyce (with Moses Manson) defeated The Natural Born Playa after the Natural Born One refused to let ASAP interfere.

The Star City Rollers (with Jenny Jannetty) beat Dysfunctional Disorder after Jenny kidnapped “Mr Monkey,” Robbie Evil’s teddy bear.

Bobby Yela upset “The Caramel Candy” James Anthony when Anthony accidentally dropped the belt into the Yo Boy’s arms. Immediately after the match, Phil Stamper cashed in his “Money in the Piggy Bank” match and pinned Bobby (who was still dazed after Anthony’s running enziguri). Phil Stamper is now the AIWF Mid Atlantic Cruiserweight champion.

Thanks to outside interference from Allison Brooke, Damien Arcane, AND Rick Deezel, JD Anderson defeated Rob McBride to win the AIWF Mid Atlantic championship. McBride had JD set up for the Saturday Night Superstar finisher when Deezel interfered, hitting the Boogiewoogieman on the back of the knee. McBride had been weakened by repeated attacks by Anderson and Co., so he collapsed under Anderson’s weight. When Allison Brooke held his good foot, McBride was unable to kick out. The fans reacted…poorly.

In the main event, Dick Foley beat Gunner by disqualification. The Hardcore Hero had Gunner in his mandible claw (complete with socko) and Gunner was fading when The Star City Rollers interfered, causing referee Darren to call for the bell. The Family proceeeded to beat down the Hardcore Hero (and boss) until The Gorilla Squad ran into the ring and cleared it. The Gorilla Squad then challenged the Mid Atlantic Tag Team Champions to a match February 23. The Rollers accepted.

AIWF Power Pro Wrestling returns to the National Guard Armory February 23. Already signed for that card: D’arcy Dixon will face Alexis Parrish in PGWA action.

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In just four weeks, Clayton, North Carolina becomes a wrestling mecca as the fifth annual Ivan Koloff Tag Team Tournament will take place. We thought this was the best possible time to bring in the man himself, the former WWWF World Champion Ivan Koloff, on the podcast. He sits down with Scott and Matt to discuss wrestling in boxing rings, his defeat of Bruno Sammartino and subsequent loss to Pedro Morales, his early days working for Jim Crockett Promotions, and the annual tournament. “Uncle Ivan,” as both Scott and Matt call him, talks about his excitement level for this year’s tourney and much more. Be sure to get advance tickets for the tournament, which will feature legends like “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan,

Matt then breaks down the results of the Chinlock for Chuck, which raised a staggering $15000+ and drew more than 1100 people to a high school gymnasium on a TUESDAY night. He discusses why he thinks Chiva Kidd and Trevor Lee are huge prospects, and discusses a special moment he witnessed between TNA Champion Jeff Hardy and one of the podcast’s biggest fans. They also discuss the CWF Mid Atlantic / 102 Jamz show, which ended when Chris “Shosmoove” Lea was able to get a clean pinfall (albeit in a tag team match) on Rising Generations League Champion Ben Tyler.

Scott then interviews the NEW AIWF Women’s World Champion Mia Svensson. They discuss Mia’s big win over Lei D Tapa at the anniversary show, her plans for the AIWF Women’s World title, and a possible title vs. title match with NWA World Champion Kacee Carlisle. They also discuss the TNA Gut Check Challenge. Mia has a chance to be on national TV when TNA Gut Check presents its fan vote. Starting Monday, January 21, 2013, fans can vote their favorites on to Impact Wrestling. Go to Mia’s website to find out where to vote (and yes, you want to vote for “Desiree Snow.” Desiree and Mia are one and the same. Follow Mia on Twitter @TrueMiaSvensson, and find her on Facebook as well under “True Mia Svensson.” She’s a delight. True Story.

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