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koloff tourney six

Scott and Matt, in one of their most ridiculous and funny shows yet, yammer about all manner of things, including Scott’s relocation, Matt’s dating advice, and assorted wrestling tidbits. Scott sits down with Adam Page and his rival/friend/sometime tag partner Justin Flash to discuss his Country Jakked tag team in PWX, his Ring of Honor prospects, and more. Scott fires off a disjointed opening rant about how Americans treat our beautiful people, and Houston humblebrags a Manaconda Minute.

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photo (2)

It’s Christmas! A week late! But, still, it’s Christmas! Scott and Matt do a remote show this week from the luxurious Manaconda Manor, reflecting on the past year personally and professionally. They discuss Christmas movies, Battlecade (mostly before the show, which was epic.)

Something to do today to see an absolutely amazing wrestling card that will get its very own show-size recap next week, courtesy of Friend of the Show Brad Stutts (@Stuttsy on twitter):


CWF Mid-Atlantic presents a first of its kind streaming event TOMORROW NIGHT January 2nd from 9 PM.

Our anniversary super card, BATTLECADE 14 will stream in its entirety at at 9 PM tomorrow night January 2nd. Watch every match, every moment, in its entirety absolutely FREE in this one-time-only free streaming event!

The complete event, normally priced at $6.99 will be absolutely 100% FREE for THREE HOURS ONLY. All you have to do is register a user name for the event at and come back Thursday at 9 PM for the FREE link.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

The fellas at are going to be not-so-live tweeting Battlecade 14 starting at 9 PM EST using the hash-tag #TBDCWF. What we are inviting everyone to do is join in the conversation and live tweet us YOUR thoughts on the event as well at using the hash-tag #TBDCWF. For anyone not familiar with live tweeting, you literally just post your thoughts on what you are watching as you are watching it. We want your feedback so that we can fine-tune our product and production effort for 2014 to make things even better!

Sign up at (it’s absolutely free and all you need is an e-mail address) and then come back Thursday night at 9 PM for this free streaming event. There will be NO free replay. It’s a one time only free streaming event of the complete card starting at 9 PM EST. Remember to send us your thoughts on Twitter using hash-tag #TBDCWF.

OK, TWIW fans! Join us tomorrow to livetweet our reaction to the free live stream tomorrow night with the hashtag #TBDCWF. I’m @scotteiland on twitter, of course. Someone please wake up Mr. Houston, who tweets @Manacondamatt.

Next week we recap Battlecade and set the stage for 2014, which is going to be a GREAT year.


2012-11-11 20.02.55

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! Bored yet? Scott and Matt broke down the Top Ten Matches of 2013. As usual, Scott picked five and Matt picked five. Along the way, many jokes were told, and Houston collapsed on the couch at least twice. Find out why!

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Scott visited the CWF Mid Atlantic Sportatorium this week and discussed qrestling, training, and moonshine with the Killbillies. “Barefoot” Bobby O’Neal joined Arik Andrews and Evan Banks for six-man tag action with their old trainer Shawn Christian and the new tag team of Smith and Weston, and the antics of the region’s most popular tag team drew Scott’s interest. Manager/Commentator Nick D stopped in to recite some Shakespeare, and Scott and Houston blathered on like usual. Have a listen!

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Scott is a little giddy this week, as the Manaconda has returned from a hospital stay necessitated by an abdominal disorder that frankly frightened the living bejesus out of him, Matt’s family, friends, and Rob McBride (who gets this week’s special producer credit for posting the above photo, where Matt attempted an Arabian Press against doctor’s orders. To say this created some drama at Manaconda Manor would be understating things).

After pleasantries and a rant from Scott we haven’t seen since last Thanksgiving, Scott and Matt discuss their five favorite supercards. They did a draft, so they included TEN supercard series AND an honorable mention each. Fans of WrestleRock and SuperClash will be elated.

Scott and Matt will return next week for a regular program, hopefully with an actual non-feline guest. Email your thoughts and well wishes for Mr. Houston at You can also say hello to him on Facebook His fan site (where you can buy exclusive Manaconda gear)is You can follow Matt on twitter @ManacondaMatt, and Scott is still tweeting @scotteiland.

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Today’s quote: “That made my nipples hard.”
“I don’t want to hear about your nipples.”

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Serial Thrillers
Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion “The Hurricane” Shane Helms joins Scott and Matt to talk about his upcoming OMEGA Championship Wrestling tournament match against “King” Shane Williams, the future of OMEGA, CW Anderson’s superkick, and much more in an often-hilarious half hour conversation. Matt also discusses the sort-of-controversy (call it a kerfuffle) that he started with a statement he made on social media, and he and Scott discuss whether there are too many wrestling promoters in North Carolina.

Don’t miss OMEGA’s return to Chapel Hill, North Carolina for Chapel Thrill October 12. Details here.

Later, Scott and Brad Stutts talk with WWE Encyclopedia author Brad Shields about a series of events discussing the history of World Wrestling Entertainment. He also discusses his work with Acclaim Entertainment and the WWE itself.

Like us on Facebook. Follow Scott on twitter @scotteiland and Matt @manacondamatt. Shane’s website is a great resource for all things Hurricane; he also has a very active twitter feed @ShaneHelmsCom and is also on Instagram.

Check out the Highway To Helms podcast audio feed on iTunes, and the video stream on YouTube!

Time Stamps:

Matt Houston and social media (0:00-13:50)
Shane Helms, Matt Houston, and Scott (13:57-40:23)
Scott, Brad, Brian Shields (40:23-58:01)
Scott and Matt wrap up (58:01-end)

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NWA Fusion Wrestling is having a series of big events in the last weekend of September, and NWA Continental Champion “The Pain Train” Preston Quinn talks to Scott about his career and his upcoming battles with Christian York and former NWA World Champion “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce. Get tickets now!

Louis Moore makes a cameo from the Manaconda Mobile, and then Scott and Houston discuss five wrestlers you’ve never heard of but should. Plus a Manaconda Minute (which turns into a Manaconda Five Minutes)!

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2012-11-11 20.02.55

Scott and Matt talk about wrestling’s historically best valets. Where does Miss Elizabeth rank? What about “The Perfect 10” Baby Doll? Does Harvey Whippleman count? Find out!

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2012-11-11 20.02.55

Scott and Matt talk one on one about the best wrestling feuds of the 1980s while watching old video from 1984 WWF programming. Scott also has a wild idea for young independent wrestlers, and stands in for Houston’s “Manaconda Minute.”

Here’s the video, if you want to follow along!

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2012-11-11 20.02.55

Scott starts off the episode by recapping the NCWA event April 27, 2013:

Andrew Everett, Adam Page, and Justin Flash beat The Set (J-Sinn and Lance Lude) and Trevor Lee when Flash pinned Lude after a SICK 450 splash

Matt Houston pinned Jimi Love after a school-eunuch (low blow followed by a schoolboy)

CWF Mid Atlantic Champion Arik Royal and Scotty Mathews battled to a double-countout

The Extreme Horsemen had apparently defeated the Dawson Brothers to win the NCWA tag team championship, but the initial referee disqualified the Horsemen for assaulting him to prevent a Dawson Brothers pinfall. The Dawsons retained the NCWA tag team championship; during the match the Mid Atlantic Outlaws Louis Moore and Houston attacked the champs as well; as a result, Zane Dawson and Dave Dawson challenged the Outlaws to pick three partners each and square off at Strive to Survive July 27.

Justin Flash won the 20-man over the top rope battle royal to win the NCWA championship, eliminating Scotty Mathews last. Once again, Mathews came within an eyelash of winning the belt only to be thwarted at the end. Continue reading »

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