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Scott and Red Jones talk to Ring of Honor superstar Cedric Alexander this week. Cedric discusses his development, his upcoming match with Roderick Strong, and the close relationship he maintains with CWF Mid Atlantic wrestling. Cedric wrestled future guest Manny Garcia Saturday night, and he comments on Garcia’s rise in the CWF Mid Atlantic ranks. He also discusses the future, tag teaming with Caprice Coleman (and how others compare) and much more.

Scott then comes back and discusses Father’s Day.

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On June 7, Lance Lude (@LanceLude on twitter) shocked the wrestling world by defeating Trevor Lee (w/ Chet Sterling) to win the Pro Wrestling International (PWI) Ultra J championship in CWF Mid Atlantic’s first-ever “No Limits” match. Before the event, Scott sits down with Brad Stutts to discuss the “Battlebowl” concept that included the no-fooling, totally-for real random draw of opponents. Little did we know that Lance would pull the upset in No-DQ, falls-count-anywhere fashion. In segment two (around the 28 minute mark) the new PWI Ultra J champ joins Scott and Brad to discuss the big win and what led to it.

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koloff tourney six

Scott and Matt, in one of their most ridiculous and funny shows yet, yammer about all manner of things, including Scott’s relocation, Matt’s dating advice, and assorted wrestling tidbits. Scott sits down with Adam Page and his rival/friend/sometime tag partner Justin Flash to discuss his Country Jakked tag team in PWX, his Ring of Honor prospects, and more. Scott fires off a disjointed opening rant about how Americans treat our beautiful people, and Houston humblebrags a Manaconda Minute.

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(Editor’s Note: Scott misidentifies this episode as the eighty-sixth. Scott’s brain is full of hot cheese.)

Former NWA Women’s World Champion Kacee Carlisle joins Scott and special guest producer Red Jones 1 on 1 in this special episode, as she discusses her busy schedule after dropping the NWA strap a few months ago. Scott stops drooling long enough to ask Kacee about teaching new female wrestlers, difficult truths, and best practices for the aspiring women’s performer. (Red never stops drooling.) Kacee gives us 20 awesome minutes for this episode, which we can now call an Easter present. Follow Kacee on twitter @kaceecarlisle (and Scott @scotteiland).

Matt Houston later joins the episode from TWIW headquarters to expound on Kacee’s many awesome points on continuing wrestling education and being truthful with aspiring performers. Both Scott AND Matt discuss the importance of humility for rookies and young veterans alike. Scott then reads three emails, including two requesting dating advice from Mr. Houston.

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“Every man’s heart one day beats its final beat, his lungs breathe their final breath and if what that man did in his life makes the blood pulse through the body of others and makes them believe deeper in something larger than life, then his essence, his spirit will be immortalized”

— The Ultimate Warrior, April 7, 2014.

Scott and Matt break down Wrestlemania 30 and discuss the event’s place in history, attempting to keep a positive face on the show in the face of the Ultimate Warrior’s sudden death April 8. Scott discusses his issues with an ESPN personality’s drive-by analysis of the Warrior’s death, while Houston saves some angry words for HLN’s resident harpy Nancy Grace.

Was Wrestlemania 30 the best Wrestlemania of them all? The Streak is over; why isn’t Scott upset about it? Our heroes break down the event as a form of therapy for us all.

Rest in peace, Ultimate Warrior, and may God bless you and your family in their time of grief.

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The Ivan Koloff Tag Team Tournament took place March 29, and Scott and Houston were both in attendance. One of them had the night of his life, and the other one won the tournament. Scott and Houston discuss the tournament results in detail and, because the event was that good, talk about things that encourage them in the wrestling business.

Then Scott sits down one-on-one with former WCW mainstay the Stro, who talked about Ivan Koloff’s impact on his own career, his new career as an actor, and much more. Scott manages to work in his famous squeamishness regarding horror- what IS it with wrestlers and the horror genre? Check out all things Stro on his website

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(Scott misidentifies this episode as the 81st, because he cannot count.)

Trevor Lee, the NEW PWI Ultra-J champion, talks to Scott a couple days after his amazing win over Andrew Everett and how he’s become a star at the young age of 20. He discusses his family background in wrestling, his relationship with Chet Sterling, and his recovery from his broken jaw from National Pro Wrestling Day. He throws in a few barbs Matt Houston’s way. Houston also has a new soundbyte to play for Scott, to hilarious ends.

Scott also discusses what he likes about the WWE product today (and his disappointment in TNA as a viable alternative) while Matt says Matt things.

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Rob McBride (right) and Scott Eiland pose with the AIWF Mid Atlantic Championship belt.  McBride defends the belt for the first time October 6 in Thomasville, the same town in which he won the belt six weeks ago.

Rob McBride (right) and Scott Eiland pose with the AIWF Mid Atlantic Championship belt. McBride defends the belt for the first time October 6 in Thomasville, the same town in which he won the belt six weeks ago.

Scott talks to his good friend and longtime wrestling legend Rob “The Boogiewoogieman” McBride about the Kevin Phoenix controversy and his current health problems. Will Rob McBride be forced to retire?

Then Matt joins Scott to discuss March 8’s Chair City Clash IV, announcing new matches. They also talk about Mae Young’s tragic passing, Daniel Bryan’s fortnight in heel-dom, and more. Have a listen!

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(photo by Slam Fest Bob)

Scott chats with new CWF Rising Generations League champion Chet Sterling about his controversial victory over Chris Lea at Battlecade 2013, his quick rise to the top of the RGL rankings, and his plans for the future. Follow Chet on twitter @ChetSterlingCWF or on his Facebook page. Leave him some hate mail!

Scott and Matt break down Battlecade once they had a chance to digest it, and discuss the real match of the year, the 22 minute thrill ride provided by Arik Royal and Trevor Lee. They also discuss a lot more; stay tuned to the end when they drop in with a special added segment about the big CWF tag team championship win by the new Rage and the Machine (Michael McCallister and Mecha Mercenary.)

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photo (2)

It’s Christmas! A week late! But, still, it’s Christmas! Scott and Matt do a remote show this week from the luxurious Manaconda Manor, reflecting on the past year personally and professionally. They discuss Christmas movies, Battlecade (mostly before the show, which was epic.)

Something to do today to see an absolutely amazing wrestling card that will get its very own show-size recap next week, courtesy of Friend of the Show Brad Stutts (@Stuttsy on twitter):


CWF Mid-Atlantic presents a first of its kind streaming event TOMORROW NIGHT January 2nd from 9 PM.

Our anniversary super card, BATTLECADE 14 will stream in its entirety at at 9 PM tomorrow night January 2nd. Watch every match, every moment, in its entirety absolutely FREE in this one-time-only free streaming event!

The complete event, normally priced at $6.99 will be absolutely 100% FREE for THREE HOURS ONLY. All you have to do is register a user name for the event at and come back Thursday at 9 PM for the FREE link.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

The fellas at are going to be not-so-live tweeting Battlecade 14 starting at 9 PM EST using the hash-tag #TBDCWF. What we are inviting everyone to do is join in the conversation and live tweet us YOUR thoughts on the event as well at using the hash-tag #TBDCWF. For anyone not familiar with live tweeting, you literally just post your thoughts on what you are watching as you are watching it. We want your feedback so that we can fine-tune our product and production effort for 2014 to make things even better!

Sign up at (it’s absolutely free and all you need is an e-mail address) and then come back Thursday night at 9 PM for this free streaming event. There will be NO free replay. It’s a one time only free streaming event of the complete card starting at 9 PM EST. Remember to send us your thoughts on Twitter using hash-tag #TBDCWF.

OK, TWIW fans! Join us tomorrow to livetweet our reaction to the free live stream tomorrow night with the hashtag #TBDCWF. I’m @scotteiland on twitter, of course. Someone please wake up Mr. Houston, who tweets @Manacondamatt.

Next week we recap Battlecade and set the stage for 2014, which is going to be a GREAT year.

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