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Notorious and Deezel
Scott and Matt react to Matt’s disputed victory over Beef, allowing Matt to retain the Pure Pro Wrestling championship thanks to the interference of “Little” Jimmy Parker. They break down TNA Impact Wrestling and discuss branding changes to This Week In Wrestling coming in 2013.

The boys also discuss Gunner’s surprising swerve, attacking Rob McBride out of nowhere when most fans in attendance thought that he was going to attack Matt Houston. Matt makes the point that Rob McBride’s hold on the AIWF Mid Atlantic championship is one step below the Chief’s AIWF World title, and since Gunner wants a world championship in 2013, making a move against McBride makes sense.

Houston’s tag team partner and fellow Old School Mafia member Drake Tungsten then joins the show and discusses tagging with Houston, the future of the Old School Mafia, and Jenny Jannetty. They also make fun of Scott, but it doesn’t matter because Scott doesn’t really get it.

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One of the AIWF Mid Atlantic’s signature events takes place on Saturday, October 27, 2012 at the AIWF Mid Atlantic Wrestling Events Center in Mount Airy. Scott and Matt break down this event on today’s show and also answer fan email.

Matt Houston defeated Jimi Love on October 20 to retain the Pure Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. At the same time, Scott was on a forced two-day break for mental health reasons. He was sent to an undisclosed location to rest and recharge his batteries, and even recorded AIWF Worldwide from that undisclosed location. After running himself ragged for five months, a breather was required.

Matt answers questions about his toughest opponent, best matches, favorite tv programs, and more, with Scott providing editorial commentary and answering a few questions actual fans sent him. They talk about starting an independent podcast and the challenges therein, and discuss improvements they’re making in the fans’ overall experience

So Scott and Matt take the opportunity to promote AIWF Mid Atlantic Presents: Fright Night October 27. Scott has applied to be a lumberjack in the match between his friend Jody Osborne and his nemesis the Natural Born Playa. Matt and Drake Tungsten will tag up to face AIWF Originals J.T. Sledge and Butch Steele in the continuation of the Old School Mafia vs. AIWF Originals feud. Rob McBride will defend the AIWF Mid Atlantic Championship against the monster Rhyze, and much more.

You can subscribe to the show through iTunes here. You can get updated AIWF videos here. We will be releasing a video simulcast of this program in the coming days as we give the new video system a test drive leading up to Fright Night, where Scott will be dressed up as an actual AIWF star and Drake Tungsten will guest star on the program, along with other AIWF superstars. Of course, for more Matt Houston stuff, be sure to check out his fan site. Scott does not have a fan site, but we all like him anyway. (That’s what we tell him to his face, anyway.)

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Bobby O’Neil won his first match last week. Can he lead the Killbillies to a victory over the Dawson Brothers? Order the show today at

Jimi Love sits down one-on-one with Scott to discuss his match tomorrow night with Matt Houston for the Pure Pro Wrestling heavyweight title. They discuss the PPW Commissioner’s job, Jimi’s long layoff, and the remainder of the card, which includes a dog collar match between Ouga Booga and Scrapyard Dog. They also talk about Adam Page’s return to Pure Pro Wrestling and Jimmy Parker’s issues with PPW management. Jimi also opines on whether ring rust will factor in the match with the Manaconda.

Next, Scott brings in Bobby O’Neil, the manager of the Killbillies, to talk about the IPPV card for CWF Burlington. A thirty person rumble is scheduled as the main event, and the card is jam packed and a bargain at just $9.99. You can order the IPPV event here. Follow Bobby on twitter @Bobby_Oneil. You can also follow Killbillies Aric Andrews (@Whitearic) and Evan Banks (@ebanks63)

OK folks, Scott is off for the weekend. Next week we’ll return with Matt Houston and (I’m sure) a special guest to promoote AIWF Fright NIght and more.

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Matt Houston returns after a few days of illness, but Scott is in rare form so it’s hard to tell.

Scott and Matt discuss a wide array of topics, including Scott’s turn at the “Manaconda Minute,” Hall of Fame weekend coming in January, Matt’s Pure Pro Wrestling title match with five-time world champion Jimi Love (who’ll have his own special edition tomorrow) and Fright Night.

Scott interviews Badd Blood, the AIWF Rockies (now AIWF Western States) Champion, who discusses his issues with AIWF Executive Vice President Tim Dolan and his disputed cage match with Diafullah Dobashi. He talks about his background in the business and how he got started, plus his plans for the future.

Scott and Matt then come back and Scott talks about what he hated the most about the Dobashi-Badd Blood match (besides the finish.) The 1983 Muraco-Snuka match is discussed, plus a heart-touching review from the webmistress at Matt’s fan site.

Dobashi-Badd Blood in a cage. I HATE the 80’s WWF Cage Match rules that were employed here. Tell me if I’m right. I’m right.

Follow Badd Blood on twitter @Bjdarden13. We’ll have the Faction on next week on Double DQ radio, as it is an OUTRAGE that Badd Blood isn’t getting a chance to win the vacant AIWF North American Championship.

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Scott and Matt talk about the AIWF Mid Atlantic Title change, the AIWF World Title change, and whether or not Scott is a biased announcer. They also talk about Matt’s two-match series with Court Montgomery for the Pure Pro Wrestling championship and the upcoming Eden “Event” featuring Louis, Matt, Scott, and new AIWF Women’s Champion Lei D Tapa.

Scott also interviews Jody Osborne and updates him on the scary injury he suffered at the hands of Team Throwdown. Later, Old School Mafia godfather Rick Deezel sits down one-on-one with Scott and discusses the AIWF World title situation, his issues with the Chief, and an epic rant dealing with unfair competition in the carpet installation business.

Check out the 2nd Court Montgomery-Matt Houston match.

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Beef with Belt

Beef won the AIWF World Title September 8. Unfortunately, the title win was nullified the next day and the belt returned to Louis Moore.

September 8, 2012 was nearly an historic date in AIWF history, when an unheralded unknown named Beef scored a clean pinfall over AIWF World Champion Louis Moore in a bull rope match in Pelham, North Carolina. Fans went home thinking they had witnessed history.

Unfortunately for the Pelham fans. Beef, and Scott Eiland’s AIWF film crew, Beef’s pinfall was nullified. Louis Moore either took off one of his ropes or it fell off, which should have resulted in a disqualification win for Moore. The Old School Mafia’s attorneys worked overtime, and by Saturday night the championship belt was returned to Louis. However, Beef’s win meant that Jimi Love was reinstated as an active wrestler with Pure Pro Wrestling.

This was the lead story on this week’s podcast, which included a short interview with former five-time AIWF World Champion and newly-reinstated wrestler Jimi Love, who sat down with Scott for a one-on-one discussion about his reinstatement and what it means for the PPW commissioner’s job.

Scott discusses and spells out (in his own words) what exactly IS the AIWF, and a good resource for some of the AIWF’s storied history. He also discusses Matt Houston’s match against Ouga Booga in which he was tangentially involved in the outcome, and more.

Matt Houston then goes on an epic rant, with especially strong words against The Chief Attakullakulla (note: Matt faces The Chief for the AIWF North American Championship October 12 at the new AIWF Mid Atlantic Wrestling Events Center in Mount Airy, NC.)

Note: When Scott interviewed Jimi, the title win was not yet overturned, and both Scott and Jimi thought that Beef was the new champion. By the way, here’s one of the photos that helped invalidate the title win by beef:

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Scott and Matt talk about Matt’s daunting fall schedule, the influence of his fans, and the mission of the podcast: to bring in new fans to the AIWF and to provide information and entertainment to current fans. As the AIWF brings back territorial wrestling, we aim to make this show a program that showcases the best the AIWF has to offer both in its Mid Atlantic headquarters and in affiliated promotions all over the world.

Pure Pro Wrestling contender Court Montgomery then sits down one-on-one with Scott for a candid interview in which he discusses his start in the business, his relationship with Jason Blade, and the dastardly sneak-attack by Simply Perfect which seemed to come out of nowhere. Matt then rejoins the show and challenges Court. Has the podcast led to yet another match? You’l have to tune in and see.

Upcoming events:

Pure Pro Wrestling September 8 at the Pelham Community Center in Pelham, NC
AIWF Mid Alantic Presents: Retribution September 22 at the new AIWF Mid Atlantic Wrestling Events Center in Mount Airy
Pure Pro Wrestling September 22 Altavista VA
The Event September 29 Boys and Girls Club of High Point, NC
October 6 AIWF Mid Atlantic – Be A Sport Gym Thomasville, NC
October 12 AIWF Mid Atlantic “Customer Appreciation Night” AIWF Mid Atlantic Wrestling Events Center, Mount Airy, NC
October 13 AIWF Mid Atlantic – Martinsville, VA
October 27 – Fright Night, Mount Airy NC
December 6 – AIWF Mid Atlantic – Be A Sport Gym, Thomasville, NC
December 8 – NCWA Presents a Headlock on Autism. Clayton Fitness, Clayton, NC
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Want to see what the Williams Brothers did to Court? As luck would have it, we have exclusive video of the moment they turned their back on Court – and the fans.

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I’ll have exclusive video of two matches from the card below once they upload. It was an entertaining card, but unfortunately a good one for the Old School Mafia and their fans. I’ll leave editorializing to the show this week and just proceed with the card results Continue reading »

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Pure Pro Wrestling: Blade vs. Houston III

Pure Pro Wrestling returns to Providence, NC on August 11. What is a bigger question; if Matt Houston can beat Jason Blade or if Scott Eiland can find the venue?

The Great Wizard thought he saw a golden opportunity to make sure Matt Houston left Danville, Virginia as the new Pure Pro Heavyweight Champion July 14.  The opening was there.  Champion Jason Blade was reeling.  The referee’s back was turned.

All he needed to do was use his trusty suitcase on the weakened champion and the Old School Mafia would have won gold once again.

Unfortunately for the Old School Mafia and fortunately for Jason Blade fans, the Wizard’s gambit backfired, and Jason Blade was able to take advantage of the blunder to defeat Houston in front of Blade’s hometown crowd.   He had narrowly retained the title and defeated Houston and the Old School Mafia, and it looked like he had beaten back Houston’s stubborn challenge. Continue reading »

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