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In just four weeks, Clayton, North Carolina becomes a wrestling mecca as the fifth annual Ivan Koloff Tag Team Tournament will take place. We thought this was the best possible time to bring in the man himself, the former WWWF World Champion Ivan Koloff, on the podcast. He sits down with Scott and Matt to discuss wrestling in boxing rings, his defeat of Bruno Sammartino and subsequent loss to Pedro Morales, his early days working for Jim Crockett Promotions, and the annual tournament. “Uncle Ivan,” as both Scott and Matt call him, talks about his excitement level for this year’s tourney and much more. Be sure to get advance tickets for the tournament, which will feature legends like “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan,

Matt then breaks down the results of the Chinlock for Chuck, which raised a staggering $15000+ and drew more than 1100 people to a high school gymnasium on a TUESDAY night. He discusses why he thinks Chiva Kidd and Trevor Lee are huge prospects, and discusses a special moment he witnessed between TNA Champion Jeff Hardy and one of the podcast’s biggest fans. They also discuss the CWF Mid Atlantic / 102 Jamz show, which ended when Chris “Shosmoove” Lea was able to get a clean pinfall (albeit in a tag team match) on Rising Generations League Champion Ben Tyler.

Scott then interviews the NEW AIWF Women’s World Champion Mia Svensson. They discuss Mia’s big win over Lei D Tapa at the anniversary show, her plans for the AIWF Women’s World title, and a possible title vs. title match with NWA World Champion Kacee Carlisle. They also discuss the TNA Gut Check Challenge. Mia has a chance to be on national TV when TNA Gut Check presents its fan vote. Starting Monday, January 21, 2013, fans can vote their favorites on to Impact Wrestling. Go to Mia’s website to find out where to vote (and yes, you want to vote for “Desiree Snow.” Desiree and Mia are one and the same. Follow Mia on Twitter @TrueMiaSvensson, and find her on Facebook as well under “True Mia Svensson.” She’s a delight. True Story.

Be sure to subscribe to the podcast at You can email the show at, or simply leave a comment below! If you prefer to stream the show and hate downloading and syncing, just download Stitcher.

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CWF New Years Knockout
Coming off an excellent Battlecade December 29, the Carolina Wrestling Federation kicked off its 2013 campaign with New Years’ Knockout January 5, 2013 in Gibsonville. We’ll discuss the card on the podcast this week. Here are the results, for those of you who want the bottom line:

1. Matthew Denero defeated Mike McCallister in 41 seconds with a Tazzplex.

2. Mark James and Donnie Dollars beat Mecha Mercenary and Cecil Scott after Donnie Dollars sneaked in illegally and brained Scott with a front kick.

3. The Fun Athletic Guys and Xsiris beat Team Overdrive and Chris Lea.

4. Matt Smith upset Ric Converse, as William Cross‘s interference backfired. The Fun Athletic Guys and Xsiris then jumped into the ring to prevent Converse from snapping.

5. The Goon Squad (Walter Eaton and Roy Wilkins) beat The Set thanks to Coach Gemini’s outside interference and some referee ineptitude. The match clocked in at slightly over 18 minutes.

6. Charlie Dreamer beat Ray Kandrack with an out-of-nowhere inside cradle in 6:28.

7. Arik Royal successfully defended the CWF Mid Atlantic championship, squashing Chet Sterling in less than three minutes, despite Ben Tyler and Trevor Lee’s interference.

8. Chiva Kid and Kamikaze Kid earned a CWF Mid Atlantic Tag Team Title shot by defeating Chase Dakota and Joe Black (with Solomon Spades) after a Kamikaze Kid frog splash.

The CWF demonstrated excellent on-the-fly thinking when the top rope snapped in the middle of Match Two. The wrestlers were able to improvise and finish the match, working around the useless top rope. Afterwards, commentator Brad Stutts was able to execute an entertaining interview with Chris Lea and an interrupting Ric Converse, entertaining the fans while personnel fixed the top rope and the event continued. Independent promoters should taKe note and have such contingency plans available in the eventuality that the ring becomes temporarily unusable. I was impressed with the way event staff was able to keep the fans engaged AND fix the ring.

Be sure to follow the CWF on twitter @cwfmidatlantic. Like them on Facebook here. Their next event takes place on Jan 19 in Gibsonville.

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I met the lovely Alexis Parrish on November 24 in Mount Airy, representing one of the many bright and encouraging moments of the evening. One day soon I will hopefully take a photo in which I am less pale than Casper the Friendly Ghost.

I was a little worried about the AIWF Mid Atlantic’s post-Thanksgiving Day spectacular that took place November 24. Breaking in a new building in Mount Airy (the all-new Mid Atlantic Wrestling Events Center, 131 Helamon Way, Mount Airy, NC) during the fall in a dark area after Daylight Savings’ Time ends presents a challenge, and several other internal challenges (almost all having to do with the new building) meant that the wrestlers and the support staff had to work harder to bring in a crowd and keep the crowd wanting to come back. Add in that the fall seems to have ended early (the evening low Saturday was 29 degrees. That’s cold.) and the challenges are easy to spot.

However, the show on the 24th clearly exceeded expectations, and there were many, MANY encouraging developments that appeared Saturday night. In no particular order (And I may miss a few) here they are:

-During the main event, an over-the-top rope battle royal in which the winner won a shot at the AIWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Title at a time of his choosing, every single wrestler left in the ring (and one not in the ring, but Robbie Evil deserves his own bullet point, and, frankly, his own column) took turns chopping James Anthony‘s chest raw. It was effectively a rite of passage; Anthony’s meteoric rise in the AIWF Cruiserweight Title Rankings has been nothing short of spectacular, and the Ring Wars Carolina No Limits Champion has proven to be a supremely talented addition to the promotion. His high-flying style, “rapport” with the fans (there’s a lot of mutual dislike there) and fearlessness inside the ring, and you have the makings of a budding star. So, when Anthony was caught employing sneaky tactics during the battle royal, incumbent AIWF Mid Atlantic Champ Rob McBride cornered him, chopped him three times, and was followed by both Star City Rollers, Chuck King, and every other in-ring participant. Jenny Jannetty even got into the act, chopping a nearly-sobbing Anthony to the mat after every wrestler had his turn. He tumbled to the outside of the ring, where Robbie Evil, who was hiding under the ring, lifted up the ring apron, gave him one final slap for good luck…and hid back under the ring. This entertained the fans who dislike Anthony and the press crew backstage, for different reasons.

-Former AIWF Womens’ Champion Mia Svensson and fellow knockout (sorry, TNA, but what else can you call her?) Alexis Parrish battled in a PGWA sanctioned match, in the Mount Airy debut for both grapplers. Alexis and Mia acquitted themselves VERY well, with Alexis’s banshee wails and old-school fan baiting fed into Mia’s Wendi Richter-like persona (if Wendi were a Nordic blonde. Leave me alone! I haven’t figured out a 1980’s comp to Mia). Both ladies were upbeat and professional from the moment they arrived at the arena, and both said they’d be happy to talk wrestling with me on the podcast (which you can subscribe to for free through iTunes, or through any podcasting program here. Or just copy and paste into your podcasting program and you’ll receive the episodes as soon as we post them.

The only downside; I messed up Alexis’s soundbyte and forgot to get a picture with Mia. Oh well, looks like I’ll have to make a roadtrip to Lumberton, NC on January 5 to see them again. Oh, well…

Rick Deezel shocked the crowd by announcing he was LEAVING the Old School Mafia, and naming Matt Houston his successor. The Manaconda, the star of the podcast, is now also the leader of the most vicious stable in the region. Is this the latest example of the power of the podcast? I say yes. What does this mean for Rick Deezel? I suspect he has a plan in place, but he gave no indication of what it was. One thing is clear; Rick Deezel’s lifetime contract with the AIWF hasn’t changed at all, and he is also the new co-host of AIWF Worldwide with me. I suppose the only recourse for fans who love to hate Deezel is to wait and see what is next.

-My friend Jenny Jannetty celebrated the start of the Christmas season by wearing a Santa hat. We also discussed a new segment involving her for the podcast. I’m excited. Nobody tell Matt Houston.

Robbie Evil and Chuck King will get a well-deserved shot at the Mid Atlantic Tag Team Championship on December 15 in Mount Airy, facing the former champions AND the current champions in a sextuple-threat match. After a double-pinfall Saturday, The Star City Rollers AND Dysfunctional Disorder will get a shot at Team Throwdown‘s Mid Atlantic Tag Team Championship. I can’t decide if Dr. Sebastian (the caretaker of Dysfunctional Disorder) is a good influence or a bad one, but Evil and King get a better crowd reaction than anyone not named Rob McBride these days.

-RHYZE! RHYZE! RHYZE! The monster “Rhyze” reacted to a beatdown by the Old School Mafia on Victor Andrews by turning on Matt Houston and Scrapyard Dog, ending his relationship with the Old School Mafia. Later, when he saved Rob McBride from another Old School Mafia attack, Rob McBride cemented him as a fan favorite in the Mid Atlantic by shaking his hand, as the crowd cheered wildly. The fans have a new favorite big man, and I couldn’t be happier by the development. Rhyze, fans may recall, initially impressed AIWF fans at Deal With The Steel, when he hit JD Anderson with a spinebuster that was so devastating I’m surprised the wily Anderson was able to wrestle again. I believe that he is a wrestler who will benefit from the fans’ interest; is a title run in his future? Rhyze recently won the NWA EDGE championship; while this isn’t exactly an AIWF title, I believe it is a solid step in the right direction.

Robbie Evil. The “Winner” spent 45 minutes under the ring after the no-contest between Dysfunctional Disorder and the Star City Rollers. He eventually emerged and eliminated the last four competitors in the ring to thrill the fans. Chuck King, even though he was mildly upset at losing out on the title shot, was a good sport; he called himself “the LOSER” for the rest of the night. Both men danced to their new entrance music (“I’m A Winner” by Jimmy Cliffs) and was eventually joined by the children in attendance. The fans went home happy!

What did everybody else think?


James Anthony beat Cade Sydal with an enziguri.
The Natural Born Playa beat Hardbody Brock and Stephen Niles in a triple threat match.
Mia Svensson narrowly defeated Alexis Parrish with a perfect sunset flip.
The Star City Rollers and Dysfunctional Disorder battled to a double pin one-ref “Dusty finish.” I complained vociferously.
Rob McBride beat Scrapyard Dog by disqualification when Matt Houston interfered after Rob had Scrap pinned after a Saturday Night Superstar powerslam.
Robbie Evil won a 15-man over the top rope battle royal. He wins an AIWF Mid Atlantic title shot at a moment of his choosing.

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I’m absolutely exhausted. Your results:

1. “The Hebrew Hammer” Joseph Schwartz beat C4
2. The Star City Rollers defeated Dax Hastings and Shane Malice. Shane Malice abandoned his partner and let him fall victim to a flying elbow drop from Jimmy Jannetty. The Rollers got the win, and now Shane Malice and Dax Hastings will be squaring off tomorrow night in Martinsville.
3. Rhyze destroyed Travis Turner.
4. Robbie Evil beat Rocco Blaze, illegally using a chain to win.
5. The Just US League (finally back! YAY!) beat Victor “Mr. Everything” Andrews and Hardbody Brock when the Natural Born Playa interfered in the match.
6. “The Caramel Candy” James Anthony beat Bobby Yela in the AIWF Mid Atlantic’s rebirth of the cruiserweight division.
7. Dick Foley beat The Natural Born Playa after Scott Eiland, disgusted by the Playa’s actions earlier in the night, interfered in the match and slipped Dick a discarded computer keyboard. Foley smashed the keyboard over Playa’s head while the referee was busy checking on Scott (who the Playa unceremoniously shoved to the floor). One double-arm ddt later, Foley pinned the Playa for the victory. Foley will take on Scrapyard Dog in a hardcore match at Fright Night, while Playa takes on Scott’s good friend Jody Osborne in a lumberjack match. Should be fun for someone!
8. Rob “The Boogiewoogieman” McBride successfully defended his AIWF Mid Atlantic championship over J.D. Anderson.
9. In the Main Event, the Chief Attakullakulla defeated Matt Houston by disqualification, when the Old School Mafia interfered in the match, ending with a Rhyze Splash on the Chief’s damaged knee. The Chief had to be helped from the ring, and it’s an open question as to whether he’ll be able to wrestle Louis Moore for the AIWF World Title tomorrow.

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Matt Houston covers Rob McBride for a near fall during their title vs. title match on October 6, 2012 in Thomasville, NC

Legendary wrestling commentator Rich Landrum joined me for TV commentary at the AIWF Mid Atlantic’s return to Thomasville, North Carolina Saturday. I’ll have more about this on the podcast this week, but first I thought I’d share the results:

1. Newcomer Ryan Markay defeated “Terrific Tony” Benge after a top-rope flying body press.
2. “Team Throwdown” (Playa and ASAP) defeated “The Superfriends” after ASAP hit “Superfriend Number Two” with a cap-back.
3. George South and the Russian Assassin beat “Bad Street” Jason King and Baron Bullard
4. Scrapyard Dog beat Court Montgomery after a gutbuster.
5. Louis Moore narrowly defeated Corey Duncum after rolling through Duncum’s flying body press.
6. Rob McBride defeated Matt Houston for the Pure Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship in 11 seconds after a schoolboy rollup. Afterwards, Matt Houston immediately cashed in his rematch, which McBride happily accepted. However, in the 2nd match, Louis Moore interfered with the referee preoccupied, hitting McBride with his branding iron. Houston, unaware of the interference, was then able to score the victory and retained the Pure Pro Championship as a result.

The next Thomasville show is the Fox 8 Gifts for Kids show on December 6, 2012. This is a THURSDAY NIGHT show, at Be A Sport Gym, 399 Etta Lane, Thomasville, NC, at 730pm.

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“The Mid Atlantic Outlaw” Louis Moore applies a rear chinlock to Reid Flair in an AIWF World Title Match August 25, 2012, ultimately won by Moore.

I have plenty to say about the Back to School Bash, but before I do (and, yes, I’ll be blogging quite a bit later Sunday) here are your official results from the AIWF Mid Atlantic Presents: The Back to School Bash at Thomasville High School in Thomasville, NC.

Thomasville native son “Terrific” Tony Benge defeated Jamie Gibson after a top-turnbuckle flying body press.

Charlie Dreamer and EWA Jr. Heavyweight Champion Baron Bullard battled to a time limit draw, as Bullard held on through the end of the fifteen minute mark while spending much of the final minute in the clutches of Charlie Dreamer’s Scorpion Deathlock. Bullard retained the EWA Jr. Heavyweight title.

Rick Deezel and the Old School Mafia (AIWF Champion Louis Moore, “Delicious” Drake Tungsten, Matt Houston, and Scrapyard Dog) officially inducted their newest member (and first woman), Kacee Carlisle

J.D. Anderson defeated Ouga Booga (with J.R. Jackson). While the referee was distracted, Anderson crawled to Ouga Booga’s bone (after recovering from a particularly vicious Wapeepee abdominal choke slam, followed by a missed moonsault by the Benzobe big man) and cold-cocked Ouga Booga with it. Anderson (who was without his usual confidante, Brother Damien) was able to get a tainted pinfall.

Kacee Carlisle, who was originally slated to square off against AIWF Women’s Champion Mia Svennson, defeated Mia’s replacement Rebecca Lynn after Kacee’s patented double-arm facebuster. It was a surprisingly strong showing by the upstart Lynn, who nearly hit her bulldog headlock finisher before Kacee was able to counter it, followed shortly by the more experienced Carlisle hitting her finisher and pinning Lynn cleanly.

Rob “The Boogeywoogieman” McBride defeated Scrapyard Dog by pinfall in a No-Disqualification match to win the AIWF Mid Atlantic title. This was the culmination of a grueling eight month title chase by McBride that ended with a victory after hitting his Saturday Night Superstar slam on Scrap for the second time. Repeated interference efforts by Old School Mafia Don Rick Deezel, Matt Houston, and Drake Tungsten were all repelled; Deezel was ejected from the ring by the referee after the curmudgeonly leader of the Old School Mafia shoved him. Houston and Tungsten ran in to prevent a pinfall after McBride’s first Superstar only to be chased down by the Star City Rollers, who rushed to McBride’s aid in time to even out the odds. Scrap successfully used his chain and hit McBride with it, but even that wasn’t enough to put away the Boogiewoogieman tonight, and a second Superstar was too much even for the champion. Rob McBride is the new AIWF Mid Atlantic Champion. I like the sound of that.

“Rock and Roll” Ricky Morton (with son Kerry in his corner) defeated “Mr. #1” George South in a Legends match, with Morton winning a pinfall after a perfectly-executed sunset flip. South berated the fans for a few minutes after coming to the ring area, and ultimately promised to stay away from Thomasville for a calendar year if he lost. If Ricky lost, however, he would allow his eleven-year-old son to receive corporal punishment at the hands of South, to the tune of ten lashes with a leather belt. Morton hilariously pretended to lie down for South at this point, conveying the message that Kerry may have indeed earned ten lashes at some point recently, but ultimately (and after a South filibuster that had the fans a bit restless) defeated South after an old-school scientific match (with South taking a few shortcuts and liberties on the way.) South is now banned from wrestling in Thomasville until next summer. (This realization possibly made the fans happier than the Boogie match.)

AIWF World Champion Louis Moore (with Kacee Carlisle) beat Reid Flair. After a match that was even better than their battle at War Games, Louis employed the Old School Mafia’s latest acquisition Carlisle to tip the scales in his favor, ultimately using her unique ability to distract referee Red Jones, which allowed Moore to hit Reid with his branding iron, resulting in the pinfall. Reid was able to lock Louis in his figure four and nearly gained a pinfall that way, as an exhausted Moore allowed his shoulders to rest on the mat for a two count several times. Carlisle’s appearance on the ring apron caused Reid to commit what can arguably called a rookie mistake; he broke the hold and Louis was able to use the resultant fracas to use his branding iron to beat Reid. Louis’s next title defense (i think) is against Beef in Pelham September 8 in another bull rope match.

“Hurricane” Helms covers Rick Deezel for the pin at the end of their six man tag match August 25, 2012

In the main event, Hurricane Helms and the Star City Rollers defeated Notorious and Rick Deezel after the Hurricane choke-slammed Rick Deezel and pinned him. Houston was able to hit his Manaconda Moonsault early on Helms, to the delight of his fan club at, and Notorious had their share of high points, but an underrated factor of this match is Shane Helms is in much better shape now, just 16 months after his motorcycle that nearly cost him his leg. Another underrated factor was Jimmy Jannetty and Jody Osborne’s continued in-ring improvement and cohesion. Even Jenny Jannetty got in a shot, slapping Rick Deezel across the face as partial payback for his behavior during the War Games match August 18. (Editor’s note: they also cut a CHILLING promo that I can’t wait to see on video.)

Stay tuned for Thursday’s “This Week In Wrestling,” in which Rob McBride is scheduled to come on the show to discuss the arduous route he took to finally winning the Mid Atlantic championship, and Matt Houston will react to what was a mixed result for the Old School Mafia. Matt will also have another “Manaconda Minute” in which I am muzzled and he gets to say whatever he wants for at least a minute. Isn’t that fun?

I have other thoughts, but until they are completed and I publish them tomorrow, stay tuned.

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Scott and Matt break down the Deal With the Steel results and the aftermath. Matt Houston and Jody Osbourne clashed in ways that will impact the big six-man tag match at the Back to School Bash August 25, and our hosts debate the ethics of dealing with an unscheduled participant in a cage match.

They also discuss the Chief’s stinkface-laced victory over Rick Deezel and the subsequent attack by the Old School Mafia, Reid Flair’s World Title shot on Saturday, Phil Stamper’s money in the piggy bank win, and much more.

Then, George South sits down one-on-one with Scott to promote his book, “Daddy You Don’t Work, You Wrestle.” They talk about how George’s book is different from your average wrestler’s memoir, and Scott’s foray into the independent scene in March.

Got any requests? Questions? Comments? Complaints and grievances? Email the show at or call Scott’s voice mail at 336-685-1225. You can also follow Scott on twitter @Scotteiland and Matt @ManacondaMatt.

AIWF Worldwide: The Chief Attacked
Hurricane Helms and Rob McBride Discuss the Bash on Fox 8

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I’m exhausted, and I wasn’t even inside the steel cage last night.

Yes, AIWF Mid Atlantic presented its annual all-cage match show “Deal With the Steel” on August 18, and the show delivered everything it promised.

Reid Flair and AIWF World Champion Louis Moore confronting each other in the ring? Check. The first deliberate, obvious, and blatant shot at Vince McMahon via match stipulation? Check. The Chief Attakullakulla finally getting in the ring against the Old School Mafia in general and Rick Deezel in particular? Check.

And if the Mount Airy fans didn’t loathe Rick Deezel before last night, they certainly do now.

Matt Houston and I have quite a bit to talk about (hint: subscribe for free to This Week in Wrestling: The Podcast here) after the Old School Mafia attempted to collect on Diafullah Dobashi’s “bounty” against The Chief, plus much more. But first, here are your results from the card:

Dysfunctional Disorder (Chuck King and Robbie Evil) defeated the Yo Boyz (Bobby Yela and Rocco Blaze). As it turned out, Robbie Evil’s injured knee wasn’t enough to keep him out of the match, and Chuck King ultimately pinned Bobby Yela after a violent affair that saw all four men bleed (a theme that continued throughout the night.) The Yo Boyz nearly pulled out a surprise victory, with several near falls, and they acquitted themselves well, but the size and experience advantage enjoyed by Dysfunctional Disorder was too much to overcome.

Jenny Jannetty (with Jody Osbourne) beat Lady Marion (with the Natural Born Playa) when Jenny pinned Lady Marion after a lariat clothesline. As has become a running theme throughout this series, I abandoned my usual objective demeanor at the broadcast table for this affair, where Jenny dispatched the inexperienced Lady Marion in short order. With nowhere to run and the Playa unable to provide outside assistance, Jenny was able to get the pinfall.

Ouga Booga (with J.R. Jackson) defeated Kyle Styles by submission. When Kyle Styles attacked J.R. Jackson after Ouga Booga’s match with Scrapyard Dog last month, observers wondered if Styles had an odd death wish or the highest of ambitions; one surefire way to ensure getting the AIWF brass’s attention is to pick a fight with J.R. Jackson’s behemoth from Benzobe. Well, Styles gave Ouga Booga a tough battle, but Ouga Booga was too much for the smaller submission specialist to handle. After Ouga Booga hit his trademark “Wa-Peepee” abdominal choke slam, Kyle rolled out of the way of the follow-up moonsault. Styles briefly held the advantage but Ouga Booga surprised him with a single leglock while Styles was on the mat. With all of Ouga Booga’s 350 pounds on top of him and with the monster attempting to dislocate his knee, Styles tapped out. This was the first time Ouga Booga used his leglock (which I’m sure has a name) in a match.

Team Throwdown (The Natural Born Playa and ASAP defeated The Kilbillies (Aric Andrews and Evan Banks) when ASAP pinned Evan Banks with a Demolition Legdrop to the back of the head. This was the underrated match of the night, as the evenly matched teams had a see-saw affair that ended when Playa ducked out of the way of Evan Banks’ trademark spear (that usually follows a big boot from Aric Andrews) and ultimately pulled out an upset victory over the CWF Mid Atlantic Tag Team Champions. The Kilbillies may have been a bit off their game because of Bobby O’Neil’s absence, but they put up a game effort.

And for my surprise comment of the night: Team Throwdown deserves another AIWF Tag Team Championship match with the Star City Rollers.

And now, the two matches that deserve their own articles:

Philip Stamper & the Pig Pinata: Perfect Together

“The Phenom” Philip Stamper outlasted Victor “Mr. Everything” Andrews, Rhyze, J-Smooth, Cold Blood, Court Montgomery, and former AIWF North American Champion TC Washington to win the “Money in the Piggy Bank; Yes, Vince, This Is a Shot At You” Match. Shoving Court Montgomery off the ladder as both men were going for the pinata. Stamper now must carry the piggy bank pinata with him, but he may use it to get an immediate match with any AIWF titleholder at any time by merely breaking it open.


Team Chief defeated The Old School Mafia when Rick Deezel tapped out to The Chief Attakullakulla‘s “Stinkface” maneuver.

Aftermath: I tried interviewing the Chief for the podcast as he was leaving, but the Old School Mafia attacked and probably broke his collarbone by slamming it into his car door.

I’ll have more on the War Games match later, but I’ve gotten four messages and three emails looking for results, and I like to give the people what they want. Be sure to tune in to the podcast Thursday morning, where Matt Houston and I will discuss these developments further.

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