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Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! Bored yet? Scott and Matt broke down the Top Ten Matches of 2013. As usual, Scott picked five and Matt picked five. Along the way, many jokes were told, and Houston collapsed on the couch at least twice. Find out why!

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B. Brian Blair stops in to talk with Scott about his tag team match (along with George South) against Ricky Morton and Bushwhacker Luke Dec. 7 in Clayton, NC. He discusses his history with the WWE, his political leanings, the real reasons the Killer Bees never won the WWE Tag Team Championship, and much more.

Then Matt Houston joins Scott to recap Wrestlecade, discuss his medical issues keeping him out of the ring, and the Top Five Pizza Toppings. The spirited argument that ensues is something to behold.

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And don’t forget to come early to Clayton December 7!



Scott visited the CWF Mid Atlantic Sportatorium this week and discussed qrestling, training, and moonshine with the Killbillies. “Barefoot” Bobby O’Neal joined Arik Andrews and Evan Banks for six-man tag action with their old trainer Shawn Christian and the new tag team of Smith and Weston, and the antics of the region’s most popular tag team drew Scott’s interest. Manager/Commentator Nick D stopped in to recite some Shakespeare, and Scott and Houston blathered on like usual. Have a listen!

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I’ll have exclusive video of two matches from the card below once they upload. It was an entertaining card, but unfortunately a good one for the Old School Mafia and their fans. I’ll leave editorializing to the show this week and just proceed with the card results Continue reading »

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This spot was supposed to contain an exhaustive review of the NCWA card, complete with match analysis and crowd reaction.

Then I thought about how boring that concept is to the average reader and decided to just post my own general thoughts. There’s a reason I drive all over the state to cover these events, after all, and it has nothing to do with getting my goofy mug photographed with legends and superstar wrestlers.

I do this because of the unbelievable effort I see from wrestlers who love what they do and sacrifice blood, time, and treasure pursuing their dreams. I do it because I see wrestlers work two or three times in one night, traveling from place to place, investing everything they have to get better. I do it because I watch people take birthday cakes to the face to entertain the crowd. I do it because I see how quickly promoters think when a name talent cancels or no-shows them, doing everything they can to make it up to the crowd. I do it because I see officials show up five hours early to construct a broadcasting platform to give a TV show and DVD multiple angles and a more professional feel. I do it because I watch these guys work their butts off in the heat, with little breeze in the building, still pulling off matches that are BETTER than most of the national fare on USA network and SPIKE.

Saturday night, we saw what was likely the last appearance of an area superstar for a while, as KC McKnight led a CAPTIVATING main event, and with a Ted DiBiase assist, told a compelling story in the space of a few minutes. When he locked Charlie Dreamer in the Million Dollar Dream, a packed house of fans who were there to boo them CHEERED. So deep was the love of supposed heel Ted DiBiase that when he came out with five of the most hated wrestlers in the area, people cheered. They just couldn’t help it. Charlie Dreamer’s rally from a 1-on-3 to finish the event was remarkable, and the way that Louis Moore, Hurricane Helms, McKnight, and Dreamer finished off the event left the fans wanting more.

My co-host Matt Houston ended his night by tapping out to Reid Flair’s figure-four leg lock, giving us an easy start to the show this week and a platform to move forward. George South again showed us how to be the bad guy without working “blue.”

This is part of why I joined the family: because you can’t work around these guys without respecting them and rooting for them, face or heel.

Late tonight: A tag team championship match that rocked the house.

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