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CWF referee Joey Hogan joins Scott this week for an interview with the winner of the 2015 Golden Ticket match, Marcellus “The Mid Atlantic” King. Marcellus discusses his background, his relationship with Rick Converse, his attitude upon returning to CWF Mid Atlantic, and more.

Also, former Rising Generations League champion Charlie Weston talks with Scott and Joey about his surprising babyface turn, his matches with Trevor Lee and Chad Sterling, and the one terrible match where he met Scott.

Also, a relatively punchy Red Jones joins in at some point, and he’s a little pouty because Scott gave Joey a shot at chair 2. We’re not going to even bother TELLING Matt Houston.

Up next: our 100th episode! Listen herein to find out who our special interview will be!

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Check out Charlie Weston’s match against Trevor Lee here

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There is a NEW NCWA Heavyweight Champion and his name is Buff Bagwell. Brad Stutts joins Scott to discuss the epic Strive to Survive card, complete with the surprise addition of Tatanka. They discuss the impact of Bagwell’s “Piledriver Heard Round The World” on Flash, the ECW insurgency of Justin Credible, CW Anderson, and Shane Douglass, and Sonny Onoo’s appearance with Sonjay Dutt.

Then, the conversation turns to Saturday’s CWF Mid Atlantic Rumble. They talk about Chet Sterling’s title shot against Roy Wilkins, the Rumble match, and Brad’s own looming confrontation with Lee Valiant.

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2012-11-11 20.02.55
Scott and Matt are back to discuss Brock Lesnar’s victory at Summerslam over John Cena, the Bella Twins, Paige (and Scott’s one-sided love affair with her,) Dolph Ziggler’s second Intercontinental championship reign, and more. Scott attempts to talk himself into the Brock era, while Houston mainly mumbles his general discontent with the national product.

Our heroes then return to talk about Deal With The Steel. Kevin Phoenix is the new AIWF Mid Atlantic Champion, and the McBride Family is intact. Justin Flash has his the Piggy Bank, and his eyes on Justin Overstreet, the incumbent AIWF World Champion. Louis Moore has effectively wiped out The Gentlemen’s Club; what does Scott think of Houston’s tag team partner (and his frequent abuser) Moore?

Scott also talks up the NCWA’s return to Clayton September 27 for Strive to Survive.

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Next week, Scott and Houston discuss Strive to Survive and interview someone, probably.

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Scott and Brad Stutts discuss the latest CWF Mid Atlantic happenings. Then Scott and Red Jones talk to Manny Garcia (@eljefegarcia on Twitter.) Manny, the CWF Mid Atlantic Television Champion, berates Scott for about 20 minutes. Enjoy!

Scott then pops in to briefly discuss Roy Wilkins’ controversial win over Arik Royal July 11 for the CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Championship.

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Author and pro wrestling referee KG Stutts joins Scott to talk about how she became a pro wrestling referee, her mercurial rise from “unknown” to “published,” and what aspiring writers should do to improve. Follow KG on twitter @KGStutts.

But first, Scott and Red Jones talk to Corey Edsel, Michael McCallister, and Mecha Mercenary, AKA the Dangerous E-lliance.

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Check it out, check-it-outers!

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In this week’s Best of This Week in Wrestling, Scott and Houston talk to former NWA United States Champion Nikita Koloff. Koloff was the special guest referee for the big grudge match in 2013 between Rob McBride and Gunner, and he also talked about his amazing career, his relationship with Uncle Ivan Koloff and Dusty Rhodes, and much more. Listen to Scott and Matt almost explode in fanboyness while Nikita talks about wrestling, faith, and his reality show “Preacher’s Daughters.”

We will be back SOON with new content! Until then, enjoy!

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Jimmy Hart
(original air date: July 11, 2013)

While we re-tool during the late spring and early summer, I thought it’d be fun to re-air our episode with “Legends House” star Jimmy Hart, the loud-mouthed Manager of the Stars who talked to Scott and Houston shortly before Strive to Survive in 2013. If you haven’t heard it, give it a listen! If you have heard it, listen again! We will return soon with new content, just as soon as Scott gets his new studio set up together and Matt emerges from wherever he went.

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Scott talks to NCWA Champion Justin Flash about the Ivan Koloff Tag Team Tournament, the WWE Network, and more. He and Matt Houston then discuss the debut of the WWE Network and the Chair City Clash IV on March 8.

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2012-11-11 20.02.55

Scott and Matt fly solo this week and discuss the controversial Royal Rumble match, their mutual dislike of Brock Lesnar, the apparent departure of CM Punk from WWE, and the just-released news of Matt Hardy and Reby Sky’s New Year’s Day arrest. Scott attempts to find a way to blame it on himself, while Houston admits he has once again become drawn to the WWE product, warts and all.

Is Batista a good choice to main event Wrestlemania in 2014? Is the apparent “burying” of Daniel Bryan everything it seems to be? What about the role of the media? Get Scott and Matt’s wildly divergent takes in this week’s episode. Then comment below or email us at

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photo (2)

It’s Christmas! A week late! But, still, it’s Christmas! Scott and Matt do a remote show this week from the luxurious Manaconda Manor, reflecting on the past year personally and professionally. They discuss Christmas movies, Battlecade (mostly before the show, which was epic.)

Something to do today to see an absolutely amazing wrestling card that will get its very own show-size recap next week, courtesy of Friend of the Show Brad Stutts (@Stuttsy on twitter):


CWF Mid-Atlantic presents a first of its kind streaming event TOMORROW NIGHT January 2nd from 9 PM.

Our anniversary super card, BATTLECADE 14 will stream in its entirety at at 9 PM tomorrow night January 2nd. Watch every match, every moment, in its entirety absolutely FREE in this one-time-only free streaming event!

The complete event, normally priced at $6.99 will be absolutely 100% FREE for THREE HOURS ONLY. All you have to do is register a user name for the event at and come back Thursday at 9 PM for the FREE link.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

The fellas at are going to be not-so-live tweeting Battlecade 14 starting at 9 PM EST using the hash-tag #TBDCWF. What we are inviting everyone to do is join in the conversation and live tweet us YOUR thoughts on the event as well at using the hash-tag #TBDCWF. For anyone not familiar with live tweeting, you literally just post your thoughts on what you are watching as you are watching it. We want your feedback so that we can fine-tune our product and production effort for 2014 to make things even better!

Sign up at (it’s absolutely free and all you need is an e-mail address) and then come back Thursday night at 9 PM for this free streaming event. There will be NO free replay. It’s a one time only free streaming event of the complete card starting at 9 PM EST. Remember to send us your thoughts on Twitter using hash-tag #TBDCWF.

OK, TWIW fans! Join us tomorrow to livetweet our reaction to the free live stream tomorrow night with the hashtag #TBDCWF. I’m @scotteiland on twitter, of course. Someone please wake up Mr. Houston, who tweets @Manacondamatt.

Next week we recap Battlecade and set the stage for 2014, which is going to be a GREAT year.

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