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Scott’s annoying fixation on Wrestlecade 2013 continues, as he brings Corey Edsel in to talk all about it. They also discuss Corey’s weight loss, his return to the ring against Justin Flash and Daniel Messina earlier this month, and more.

Scott and Houston then talk about movies. It’s more interesting than Matt complaining about gear and kickpads.



Scott visited the CWF Mid Atlantic Sportatorium this week and discussed qrestling, training, and moonshine with the Killbillies. “Barefoot” Bobby O’Neal joined Arik Andrews and Evan Banks for six-man tag action with their old trainer Shawn Christian and the new tag team of Smith and Weston, and the antics of the region’s most popular tag team drew Scott’s interest. Manager/Commentator Nick D stopped in to recite some Shakespeare, and Scott and Houston blathered on like usual. Have a listen!

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After more than a calendar year, Scott talks to the very first “This Week in Wrestling” guest and new AIWF tag team champion Sgt. Kevin Stryker. They discuss his yearlong deployment to Kuwait and how it was better than his first one, his return to the ring, and the Indy Uprizing. They talk about the resurgence of the AIWF Mid Atlantic and his relationship with former nemesis and fellow veteran The Natural Born Playa.

Then, Scott and Matt Houston call the mysterious Ouga Booga, with the aid of translation software.

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2012-11-11 20.02.55

Scott and Matt log in LIVE from Manaconda Manor to discuss Pure Pro Wrestling’s Fire in the House card July 13, Strive to Survive, and the recent TNA roster cuts. Scott then breaks down the top five American holidays and reads a special essay about the signers of the Declaration of Independence 237 years ago.

Meanwhile, enjoy the video below, from HBO’s “John Adams” miniseries, portraying the vote for independence.

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2012-11-11 20.02.55

Scott and Matt return to discuss the Top Five Worst World Championship Reigns. They also discuss the glut of independent promoters in North Carolina, discuss athletic commissions and regulations, and try to stay out of trouble.

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kyle matthews title

Scott talks to new AIWF World Champion Kyle Matthews just before his successful title defense against top contender Justin Flash at the AIWF Mid Atlantic: Extreme Content event. Kyle discusses the grueling fatal four-way elimination match that he won, the new exposure the AIWF championship provided, and who he’d like to face in the ring.

Next, Scott and Matt do their weekly top five list: The Top Five Wrestlers to never win a world title. Scott and Matt do this segment blind (not knowing each other’s picks) and still manage to not repeat any. Have a listen.

Did we miss any of the “best wrestlers to never win a world title?” Let us know. Who did we miss? Who did we overlook? Who did we rank improperly? Leave a comment below or email the show at You can subscribe to the show for free through iTunes!

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2012-11-11 20.02.55
Scott and Matt do a Top Managers Draft, because they both picked the same guy #1, and run through their Top Five Managers of all time. Scott also breaks down the results from CWF Mid Atlantic’s Absolute Justice IPPV and replaces Houston’s Manaconda Minute with a plea for people to support Independent Wrestling.

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tommy young

Matt and Scott talk to legendary WCW official Tommy Young in this week’s episode. They discuss the famous Flair “pink tights” incident, his beginnings in Detroit’s IWA, how he joined Jim Crockett Promotions, and his frightening broken neck suffered in 1989. Tommy then plays the “Five Name Game” with Houston, who behaves as if he’s speaking to Santa Claus.

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matt hardy

The “special guest” promised by Matt Houston this week is none other than, former WWE European, Hardcore, and tag team champion Matt Hardy, who sat down one-on-one with Scott for a chat about the rebirth of OMEGA (the Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts), the wrestling career of his fiancee Reby Sky, how she’s changed his life, a random Scott question about he and Jeff’s motion-capture work for the WWE’s late-nineties video games, and his future plans. Do they involve TNA? A return to WWE? Will there be a version 3.0? Find out! And follow Matt Hardy on Twitter @MATTHARDYBRAND. You can also check out his shop @SHOPMATTHARDY Continue reading »

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Scott and Matt break down their top five “underrated” tag teams. Out of all the tag teams that have attempted to get a coveted world title, who were the best among them that never really made it, or didn’t get their “due?” It’s another one of THOSE conversations.

Scott’s list:

5. The Fantastics
4. The Killer Bees
3. Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn
2. Haku and Tama aka The Islanders
1. The South Pacific Connection (Jimmy Snuka and Ricky Steamboat)

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