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Scott and Matt Houston go guestless after their unfortunate absence, and somehow figure out how to talk more. However, the subject is king today, as both men break down their Top Five Wrestlemania Moments.

Neither Scott nor Matt wanted to do a commentary show on the current Wrestlemania. The current product has already been analyzed to death, and while both men agreed that the show will be good, they decided to dip into the history books to look back on the best Wrestlemania matches that they could remember.

Here are the lists:


5. Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant, Wrestlemania III.
4. Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair “Retirement match” Wrestlemania 24
3. Eddie Guerrero vs. Chris Benoit, Wrestlemania XX
2. Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat, Wrestlemania III
1. Randy Savage wins the WWE championship for the first time in a tournament finale against Ted DiBiase, Wrestlemania IV. Savage defeated Butch Reed, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, and the One Man Gang before narrowly defeating DiBiase thanks, in part, to outside interference from Hulk Hogan. Prior to the event, Scott and his brothers bet on the tournament bracket-style, with Scott picking Bam Bam Bigelow to win the title and his brother Marcus correctly picking Randy Savage.

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Scott and Matt also discussed the tragedies involving the Redneck Kid and Reid Flair, two men who died way before their times. Scott takes over the Manaconda role and goes on a multiminute rant about social media and the way our society deals with mental illness and addiction.

For help:

Al Anon – for family members and close friends of people who struggle with alcoholism.
Dropkick Depression

Remember, addiction and depression should be treated as MEDICAL diseases. Attack them with the tools that are available!

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Carolina Wrestling Federation Commissioner “Dangerous E” Corey Edsel joins a podcast covering the successful Chair City Clash III, promoting the upcoming finale of the Corey Edsel Tough Man Tournament as part of the “Madness in Any Direction” internet pay per view event March 30. Corey discusses the latest prognosis from his back injury, how he’s building promotions in two different stages of development (one at the CWF and also Eastern All-Star Wrestling in Eden, NC ), and his assessment of the current CWF roster (which includes co-host Matt Houston). Corey manages to get through this interview without losing his temper. We’ll call that a small miracle.

Scott and Matt Houston then discuss the main-event surprises, as Rob McBride defeated Impact Wrestling’s Gunner in a controversial finish (a Nikita Koloff Russian Sickle knocked poor Gunner into next week, a direct result of Mr. Intensity shoving the usually-amiable Koloff twice during the match.) They also talk about yet another successful title defense of new CWF Mid Atlantic Champion Arik Royal, who used guile and wit to get past Ric Converse and Rick Steiner.

Also – OMEGA wrestling is coming back for its second event since its reboot. The Chinlock for Chuck event went so well the OMEGA folks are hosting another event, this one in Wendell, NC, featuring Matt Hardy, Shane Helms, Steve Corino, Kacee Carlisle, Reby Sky, and more! The event will be at East Wake High School in Wendell May 25. Get your tickets today (we’ll post a link soon.)

Also, we are excited to announce that we will be working with the people at Wrestlecade to promote the big event benefitting children’s toys charities in Winston Salem. Bookmark and get your tickets! If you wish to sponsor the show, they have monthly payments available.

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Kris Allen reviews the Clash
Carolina Wrestling Federation
Chair City Clash results

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“Mr. Intensity” Gunner joins Scott and Matt for a podcast previewing the Chair City Clash III in Thomasville, NC (Get your tickets here. Or at Aaron’s of Thomasville and Lexington). Gunner discusses his rise in the TNA ranks, his matches, his relationships, and advice for today’s aspiring wrestlers. He also plays the “Five Names” game, discussing his thoughts regarding Matt Hardy, Kurt Angle, Abel Adams, and more. He includes a somewhat surprising revelation about Samoa Joe’s personality (beyond the fact that he has one.)

Scott and Matt also break down the entire Chair City Clash III card:

In an open contract match, Matt Houston, Drake Tungsten, and Jimi Love will face “Mr. Number One” George South, Baron Bullard, and Jimmy Jannetty.

Kacee Carlisle vs. Alexis Parrish for the first time ever

“New Era” Jimmy Parker vs. Scotty Matthews

Ouga Booga vs. Scrapyard Dog

Rob “BoogeyWoogeyman” McBride vs. Gunner in a grudge match

For the CWF Mid Atlantic Heavyweight Championship, Arik Royal vs. Ric Converse vs. Rick Steiner in a triple threat match.

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Former NWA United States Heavyweight Champion Nikita Koloff joins Matt and Scott for a podcast discussing his days in Jim Crockett Promotions, the impact of his change in attitude following Magnum T.A.’s car accident, his friendship with T.A. and Dusty Rhodes that blossomed, an his subsequent relationship with Sting, Lex Luger, Uncle Ivan Koloff, and many others. Nikita talks about joining the ministry in 1993 and how his walk with Jesus Christ helped him help build stronger relationships with men with whom he did battle in the ring.Koloff will be the guest referee in the main event of the Chair City Clash III when TNA’s Gunner battles Rob “The Boogiewoogieman” McBride in a grudge match. Get your tickets to the Clash at Aaron’s of Thomasville and Lexington, or make life easier and go to to order tickets via Paypal.

Nikita also discussed his reality show premiering on Lifetime March 12, “The Preacher’s Daughters,” and assured Scott that his wife could find the Lifetime Network for him. He also played the five names game and much more.

Scott and Matt also discuss Jimi Love’s victory over Justin Flash and preview the CWF Mid Atlantic presents: Crossroads.

Get Nikita’s book NIKITA: A Tale of the Ring And Redemption here. And watch “Preacher’s Daughters” on Lifetime starting March 12!

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In a building known for unexpected twists and swerves, this one left even the most jaded wrestling fan speechless.

The CWF Mid Atlantic presented its “End of An Era” event at the CWF Mid Atlantic Sportatorium on March 2nd, which featured the beginning of a “Toughman” tourney, the reunion of one stable, and the bizarre destruction of another, setting up an internet pay-per-view (IPPV) program March 30 that could draw national attention.

(Here I note parenthetically that, while a certain event that rhymes with Breastle-mania is taking place the same weekend, fans outside of the Rock’s demographic might enjoy the CWF’s pay-per-view more? OK, back to the column.)

Let’s unpack “End Of An Era”, shall we?

Match 1: Matt Smith defeated Jesse Ortega (w/Coach Gemini) by submission

The cruiserweight daredevil Smith took on the All Stars’ hit man Ortega in a bout that featured some solid mat wrestling to go along with Smith’s high-flying tactics. Ringside fans familiar with Smith’s penchant for suicide dives knew to get out of the way if he ever approached the ropes, and at one point they “parted like the red sea” (my words) when Ortega was on the outside. The dive didn’t happen then, but I was entertained nonetheless. After Ortega nearly caused Smith to submit to his armbar submission on several occasions, Smith was able to turn the tables and finish Jesse with a scorpion deathlock. Continue reading »

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Former WWF Tag Team Champion The Masked Superstar sits down with Matt and Scott to preview his six man tag match (with Matt and Louis Moore) against Jimi Love, Doink the Clown, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan February 23 in Clayton, NC as part of the big Ivan Koloff Tournament. Our heroes also ask Superstar about his feud with Bob Backlund and Eddie Gilbert, tagging with Paul Jones, and squeeze six names into the Five Names Game.

After talking to the Superstar, Matt and Scott break down the card:

Rich Landrum and Baby Doll have been announced as the hosts of the Tournament (Ivan Koloff himself, of course, will be there as well and will address the crowd in attendance).
“Mr. Number One” George South vs. “The Doctor of Desire” Tom Prichard
Jimi Love, Doink the Clown, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. The Mid Atlantic Outlaws (Matt Houston and Louis Moore) and The Masked Superstar
The Ivan Koloff Tag Team Tournament Teams
Perfect Love (Xavier Rusch and Daniel Messina)
Justin Flash and Kyle Matthews (Scott calls them the Flashews and wants to dress them both up as Mr. Peanut.)
Zane and Dave Dawson

Tickets are on sale at Clayton Fitness Center. Follow updates on the North Carolina Wrestling Association Facebook page located here.

Upcoming Events:
February 23: Ivan Koloff Tournament at Clayton Fitness in Clayton, NC
March 2: CWF Mid Atlantic: End of an Era
March 9: Pure Pro Wrestling presents Superclash II Yancyville, NC
March 16: AIWF Krazy 8 Tournament
March 22: CWF Mid Atlantic
March 23: SECW and Thomasville Communities in Schools presents the Chair City Clash III
March 30: CWF Mid Atlantic
April 6: Pure Pro Wrestling

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Scott and Matt call the leader and webmaster of Kris Allen as this week’s fan segment. Kris discusses her love of wrestling and how she met Matt Houston, and also plays the Five Name Game. After a scattershot attempt at Marry/Date/Kill, Louis Moore calls in to announce a change in the main event for the Ivan Koloff Tag Team Tournament.

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CWF Mid Atlantic showrunner Brad Stutts join Scott and Matt to wrap up the Zeban Family Benefit at the CWF Mid Atlantic Sportatorium January 26. He discussed the CWF’s unique family atmosphere and broke down the results of the big matches on the card. While Matt Houston and Louis Moore were not able to defeat the Fun Athletic Guys (Trevor Lee and Ben Tyler) in their tag team “old school vs. new school” battle. their match was widely acknowledged as the best match on the card, a point of view that Brad endorses. Brad talks about Arik Royal’s successful CWF Mid Atlantic title defense against Ring of Honor stalwart Cedrick Alexander, the most recent chapter of Rick Converse’s years-long feud with Lee Valiant, and more.

Scott and Matt then go into further detail and discuss the old school – new school argument and answer some fan questions.

Question 1: from Brian in Syracuse: What is your favorite Royal Rumble Moment
Question 2: From Mark in New Jersey: What are your thoughts on the TNA Gutcheck fan voting challenge?
Question 3: From Randi in Roanoke: What wrestlers can we expect in the new SECW promotion?

Matt then closes with another epic Manaconda Minute.

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(Photo courtesy of CWF Mid Atlantic.)

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ppw ny ko
Pure Pro Wrestling returned to the Pelham Community Center in Pelham, NC Saturday night to start their 2013 schedule with “New Years’ Knockout.” We’ll deal with the fallout on this week’s podcast (featuring former WCW Tag Team Champion “Rock n Roll” Ricky Morton), but here are the match results:

Before the matches began, it was announced that Jimi Love’s replacement as Commissioner has been filled — by media personality Scott Eiland. Scott affirmed the long-rumored PPW Title match would take place that night, between incumbent champion “the Manaconda” Matt Houston and former two-time PPW titleholder Justin Flash.

1. Cory Duncum defeated Nick Richards by pinfall.

2. Ouga Booga beat the newcomer Big Rig, a masked trucker who was on a layover on the way to Raleigh. Ouga finished Big Rig with his patented “Wapeepee” abdominal chokeslam.

3. Louis Moore and Scrapyard Dog (with The Great Wizard) defeated The Justus League when Louis pinned Cade Sydal after a piledriver.

4. Jimi Love defeated the Masked Assassin after a King’s Elbow.

5. Beef destroyed Shawn Adams.

6. Jimmy Parker bested Trevor Lee after a full nelson-slam.

7. Pure Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions Court Montgomery and “Big Daddy” Eric Edwards defeated The Star City Rollers (with Jenny Jannetty) when Edwards pinned Jimmy Jannettyafter a “Hart Attack” clothesline by Montgomery. After the match, The Great Wizard grabbed the microphone and challenged Court and Edwards to a PPW tag title match. When they accepted, members of the Old School Mafia attacked, injuring Edwards’ larynx and putting his wrestling future in doubt.

8. In the main event, Justin Flash defeated Matt Houston to win the PPW Championship! After the match, a bemused Jimi Love offered his congratulations, immediately complaining that the PPW title match that Flash won should have been his, and that Flash’s ability to “sweet talk” the new commissioner meant that he took an opportunity that belonged to him. Jimi challenged Flash to be his first title defense. Flash accepted. When they shook hands, Jimi shocked the crowd by ATTACKING Justin Flash, leaving the capacity crowd in shocked silence. He then cut a promo, announcing that he was the King of Carolina, and that he was going to get the PPW title by any means necessary.

What could POSSIBLY follow that? Find out on February 9 when Pure Pro Wrestling returns to Pelham!

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Shane Helms is perched in a precarious position against CW Anderson at “A Headlock on Autism” December 9, 2012 in Clayton NC. Helms would go on to narrowly win the match (photo by Scott Eiland)

When Shane “Hurricane” Helms warmed up backstage in Clayton, NC Saturday night, he had to know the challenge before him.

Although he was billed to be wrestling in a six-person tag match as part of the main event of the Headlock on Autism event, the challenge of ECW and WCW Power Plant veteran CW Anderson was too much for the Helms to pass up. The challenge had to be daunting, especially to fans unaware of Helms’ recent past.

Saturday’s tilt with Anderson would represent his second singles match since his horrific May 5, 2011 motorcycle accident that almost cost him his leg and easily could have killed him and his girlfriend Karen (who sustained a broken neck). While rehabbing maniacally, Helms has slowly worked himself back into wrestling shape, making personal appearances in late 2011 and early 2012 and wrestling several tag matches in the region. He’s changed his diet, made many, many life changes, and welcomed a new baby into the house all while taking as many independent bookings as his schedule would allow. (Incidentally, Shane has also been hosting a video podcast with Mike Maverick that is wildly popular and informative. Check it out here.)

The challenge C.W. Anderson presented was indeed a formidable one. The 19 year ring veteran is also a tough-as-nails wrestling trainer. and he brags about exactly how brutal his school is. He appeared on our show and told me as much. He practices the very brutality he preaches a school; he is the master of the spinebuster and owner of a straight punch he calls the “concrete left hand,” and also boasts one of the most terrifying superkicks in the business. Beating CW would be a challenge if Shane were at 100%; factor in what he’s been through in the last nineteen months and the degree of difficulty jumps exponentially.

In nearly fifteen minutes of action, both men showed that they are main-event ready. Anderson almost cold-cocked Shane with a superkick around the ten-minute mark, and Shane miraculously kicked out of it. It was a molar-loosener to be sure. Shane rallied back and set up Anderson for his vaunted hurri-slam, but Anderson smartly countered, and seconds later followed with a spinebuster that had fans in attendance wrenching in empathy. Shane managed to kick out of referee Red Jones’ three-count, frustrating Anderson (who clearly thought he had the Hurricane beat) and the match continued.

All of a sudden, a reversed move off the top turnbuckle surprised Anderson and allowed Helms to sneak out of Clayton with a hard-fought, narrow victory. Helms stayed in the ring as his music played and congratulated Anderson on a hard-fought, grueling match that represented a milestone for Helms and the unqualified respect of everyone in attendance for Anderson. This reporter was exhausted for both of them.

There were two things I took away from this technical brawl at the Clayton Fitness Center: The first is clear. Shane Helms is at the next stage of a career renaissance at age 38, having survived an ordeal that would have left a lesser man hobbled for life.

The second thing is even clearer: CW Anderson is one of the toughest men I’ve ever seen wrestle, one of the most underrated ring performers in the business today, and an absolute force. Promoters would be wise to book him, because he’s a teacher and a truly outstanding wrestler. Shane Helms agrees with this sentiment, and said so on his Twitter page:

“If you don’t know that @ECWAnderson is one of the best wrestlers in the world,” he declared, “then let me be the one to enlighten you. Trust me on that!”

We completely agree.

Other results from Clayton:

Jimi Love beat Thunderfoot III
The Dawson Brothers beat NCWA Tag Team Champions Daniel Messina and Xavier Rush (subbing for the injured Corey Edsel) by disqualification (Messina and Rush are still tag team champions)
Justin Flash beat Adam Page with a 450-splash
Charlie Dreamer beat Joey Silvia to retain the NCWA Heavyweight Championship
Addy Miller, The Barbarian, and Rock ‘n’ Roll Ricky Morton defeated Louis Moore, Matt Houston, and George South when Addy pinned Louis after a second-rope cross-body block.

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