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OK. OK. I admit it. I was wrong…..kinda. After listening to Scott ramble on every week about “today’s product”, I decided to give the Royal Rumble PPV a shot. It is usually one of my favorite PPV’s due to the surprise entrants. I didn’t get on Facebook much that day because I didn’t want to come across any spoilers. I genuinely wanted to be surprised. (It’s no fun when you know what’s going to happen). Here is what I thought of the event:

BRAY WYATT vs DANIEL BRYAN: I swear if there is ANYONE more over than Bryan right now, I would love to see it. Daniel has the entire WWE Universe in the palm of his hand. He is so over that when he is on the offense, the crowd chants “YES!” and if he is taking a blow, they chant “NO!”. That’s what this business is all about. Connecting with the fans and making them…..wait for it…..CARE about you and your character. The opener was the best match on the card IMO and that includes the Rumble match itself. Mad props to Bray for hanging in there with Bryan. Bray has come a long way since his “Husky Harris” days. Hell of a match.

BROCK LESNAR vs BIG SHOW: All I can say is “poor Big Show”. Brock beat the brakes off him with that chair. I liked the “out of nowhere” attack on the big guy before the bell to gain an advantage, but the continuous chair beating after the match was too much. I as like “Damn. Is this ever gonna end? Just shoot the guy and put him out of his misery.” Brock is all man to F5 Show.

RANDY ORTON vs JOHN CENA: Here is where all the spoilers ruined it for me. As everyone that listens to the podcast knows, I am not a Cena fan. While I do respect his ability to work the crowd and the time he takes to pose with kids, I am just tired of him being in the main spotlight. I know he is “the guy”, but he doesn’t have to be in the title picture to be over. With that being said, I was kinda hoping Vince would swerve us all and put the title on Cena in this match. Why? Because it is already being reported that Orton/Batista would main event Wrestlemania. An Orton win would mean a Batista Rumble win and that killed it for me. Great match betwenn two guys that worked really hard. Bryan’s hold on the fans could also be seen here with “Daniel Bryan” and “YES!” chants during this match.

ROYAL RUMBLE MATCH: I like The Shield. Very Freebird-ish. Kofi again stole the show with his acrobatics to keep himself from elimination on several occasions. Kevin Nash making an appearance was nice. Batista win was predictable (again because of the spoilers). Hell of a reaction for Dolph Zigglar (one of my favorites right now).

Overall, it was an ok event. I was kinda disappointed in the Rumble Match itself. Not as many “guests” as in previous Rumbles.  When I said “I was wrong” at the beginning of this post, I was talking about today’s product. The Wyatt/Bryan match had me glued to the set. The “kinda” part proves I am right about the lack of “OMG, HOLY HELL, and WTF” moments in wrestling. They rarely exist anymore. Wrestling is about surprises, twists and turns, and WTH moments. Stop giving things away! Let the fans be shocked for a change.

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